City of Edina – 2012 Park and Rec Activities Directory

Cover Shot - Edina Activities Calendar

As an Edina, Minnesota resident, I end up doing a lot of photography around my area. For those unfamiliar with the Twin Cities, Edina is a first-tier suburb located on the southwest corner of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro area.

This past June the Edina Park and Recreation Department contacted me after seeing some of my Edina photography, and asked me to send them samples of my photographs of the Centennial Lakes area in Edina.

Centennial Lakes is actually one of my favorite photo locations in Edina. It’s a beautiful 24 acre community park with a lake, walking paths, public sculpture and a water canal that weaves throughout the area. There are also a lot of local events that take place at Centennial Lakes throughout the year.

I had submitted my photos to the Edina Park and Rec group in June, but didn’t hear a thing until about mid-August. In August, the marketing group from the City of Edina contacted me and told me that they had selected three of my photos for their 2011-12 Fall/Winter Park and Recreation Activities Directory. Great News!

The three photos selected were used on the cover, (see above), the inside cover, and the back cover.  The brochure turned out beautifully and is available to view in PDF format. To view the results, just click 2011-2012 Edina Fall/Winter Activities Directory, and let me know what you think…

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