2021 Year-End Update
Digital Collage - Images of Edina

2021 Year-End Update

Over the past year or so my personal art interests have been changing a bit. Photography has been my primary medium for the past 15 years or so, but I’m feeling the urge to get back to my earlier interests in painting, drawing and mixed-media work.

As a result, I’m changing things up a bit. A few things you’ll notice right off the bat is that I now have a new business called “Chip Jones Studio” with a new domain name ChipJonesStudio.com. This will replace my previous business and domain names, ChipJonesPhotography.com.

That said, I’ll still continue with my photography interests, but in the months and years ahead you’ll be seeing more personal work from me in other types of media.

Note: My commercial photography pursuits will remain untouched. See www.interactive-arts.com for more information.

I’ve also updated all of my online galleries to better reflect my ongoing interests. If you’re looking for an earlier photograph or visual work but can’t find please contact me to let me know.

Here are my current galleries:

You can also search for images by category, location or medium using the following search tool:

I am constantly updating my galleries and portfolio of work. Again, if you can’t locate a specific photograph OR have any other questions or inquiries please contact me.