About Chip Jones

I’m a Minnesota based Visual Artist with a lifelong passion for photography, painting / drawing and mixed-media. My subjects are mostly landscape and architecture, but I do venture into the world of pure abstraction.

Most of my photography includes a narrative with an underlying theme or story. I try to avoid postcard style images that have already been seen, or at least those that I’ve seen before.

When it comes to my drawings, paintings and mixed-media work I like to play more. This is highly personal and subjective work that will sometimes use visual metaphors and iconography to move any narrative forward.

Latest Work

For the past several years my work has involved photography, photo collage and some digital mixed-media. Over the past year or two I’ve been painting, drawing and creating hand-crafted mixed-media originals using traditional tools. In fact, most of my latest work is in these more “free-form” mediums. I haven’t really shown this work yet, but look for it soon!


My undergraduate degree was in Studio Art with a concentration in Painting and Drawing from the University of Minnesota. After receiving my BFA I took a year off and decided to pursue a MFA in Motion Graphics from CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) in Los Angeles, CA.

Why Motion Graphics you may ask? Well, at that time I was interested in creating visual work that incorporated the formal elements of time and space. I was still painting and drawing, but getting more interested in mixed-media work that incorporated animation to provide a timeline and story in a more audience friendly way.

I chose CalArts because it was a multidisciplinary art school conceived by Walt Disney in the 1960’s. It had a world re-known faculty and animation curriculum that included an experimental program called Motion Graphics. I submitted my portfolio of paintings and drawings and was selected for admission.

My thesis film (“Facade”) combined live action with animated sequences, using the paintings and photo cut-outs that I had created. These elements were combined on film using an optical printer. It was technically intense and a bit overwhelming, to say the least.

My Creative Process

What I discovered at CalArts was that I really did not enjoy the process of having to first storyboard an idea before the final piece was created. I simply realized that this process was too pre-conceived and unnatural for my creative pursuits.

After CalArts I returned to photography, painting, drawing, etc. and reaffirmed my love of the process of creating work in a more unscripted and spontaneous way.

Occasionally I’ll create work based on an idea or dream, but I find that my most exciting (and most expressive) work occurs while I’m creating a new piece without any pre-conceived ideas or restrictions.

Personal Life

In addition to my art interests I also love to travel, hiking, going to art museums, listening to music, watching great movies, family history research, writing and much more. Most importantly, I just really enjoy spending time with my wife Megan, our families and all of our wonderful friends and neighbors.

Chip in Rome, Italy. September 2023

Chip in Rome, Italy.
September 2023