I’m a Edina, MN based visual artist with a lifelong passion for Photography, Painting, Drawing & Mixed Media. I love Landscape, Architecture and Conceptual work.

In my landscape photography I enjoy bringing a new perspective to familiar scenes. I try to avoid the “follow the crowd” mentality as much as possible.

The remainder of my work is based on dreams, ideas or stories that I find intriguing. Occasionally I’ll explore pure abstraction but I find that my work in this area eventually leads me back toward more of a narrative or conceptual structure.

My formal education was in Studio Arts where I concentrated on Painting, Drawing, Photography and Motion Graphics (Film). I incorporate all of this knowledge into my visual work.


My inspiration comes from music or dreams. I also love looking at work by other artists. A few of my favorite artists include Henri Rousseau, René Magritte, Mark Rothko and David Hockney.


My best work begins with an initial idea that I’ll explore further with a camera, a sketch pad or drawing tablet. The final work takes shape as a mixed-media piece, photograph or a painting / drawing.


I’ve had a variety of career highlights, but as an artist my highlights include the exhibitions, published work and various commissions I’ve done throughout the years.