I’m an Edina, Minnesota based visual artist with a lifelong passion for Photography, Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media and Photo Collage. I love doing Landscape, Architecture and Conceptual work.

I primarily do photography and hand-crafted visual work using a variety of tools. I try to avoid a “follow the crowd” mentality and have a high regard for work that is original, authentic and personal.

Much of my work is based on dreams or ideas that I find of interest. Occasionally I’ll wander into the abstract art area, but often find myself drawn back to more of a narrative structure that visually provides a story or personal dialogue.

My formal education was in Studio Arts in Painting and Drawing at the University of Minnesota. I received my BFA, took a year off and then went on to complete my MFA in Motion Graphics (Film) at CalArts (California Institute of the Arts).

Why the move from painting/drawing to film? Well, at that time I was interested in incorporating more motion and narrative structure in my work. Up until then I was doing strictly abstract work and I really wanted to get back toward work that could tell a story or express an idea better.

My latest work continues my interest in photography, painting and drawing through use of a variety of tools. I’m still drawn to landscape work because I find that each piece I create provides an opportunity to explore a sense of space, time, motion and meaning.

I also create conceptual pieces using a variety of tools and techniques. Some of my favorite work in this area is created thru a photo collage (or montage) technique where I combine elements from a variety of media to create a visual storyline (narrative).

I exhibit and sell many of my pieces. Contact Me if you have any further questions.

chip jones photo


My inspiration comes from music or dreams. I also love looking at work by other artists. A few of my favorites are Henri Rousseau, René Magritte, Mark Rothko and David Hockney.


My work begins with an initial idea that I’ll explore further via a camera, a sketch pad or drawing tablet. The final work takes shape as a finished, two dimensional piece.


As an artist, my career highlights include the various exhibitions, published work and commissions that I’ve worked on throughout the years.