Photographs For Jason’s Deli in Edina

Jasons Deli LogoOne of the projects that I’ve worked on recently was a commissioned project to provide framed photography for a new Jason’s Deli opening in Edina, Minnesota (in November 2011).

Today I had a chance to see everything installed, and I have to admit that it turned out great. The client seemed pleased, and the project went along without any hitches or delays.

Jason’s Deli was looking for photographs with a local theme. As I’ve mentioned before, my portfolio contains quite a few photographs of Edina and surrounding areas. Another requirement was that they wanted to match the appearance of the framed photography they have in their Eden Prairie location. These poster sized prints are about 27″ wide x 45″ tall. The photo’s themselves are 20″ x 20″.

Jason's Deli InteriorI submitted about 22 photographs of areas and landmarks within Edina. Jason’s ended up selecting a total of 10 for this project. Each photograph was framed individually, and glued back to back so that there were a total of 5 framed pieces that could be seen from either side of the partition type wall.

Naturally budget was a consideration. The framed photos that they wanted to match were custom made, and above budget. I was able to find a frame that was less expensive, but still provided the appearance that they were looking for. I also did all of the framing (something I have experience doing), and created the poster layouts (using Adobe InDesign) with captions. This allowed me to meet their tight deadline and budget.

Jason's Deli Edina ExteriorThe installers at Jason’s Deli did a wonderful job hanging and lighting these photographs. The photo to the right was shot outside the restaurant, looking in. These are the five framed pieces from the street-side. The street that passes in front of this window is somewhat busy, so hopefully these photos will attract attention, and bring in more restaurant customers.

If you’re in Edina, be sure to check out my photography at the new Jason’s Deli in the Centennial Lakes Plaza at 7565 France Avenue South. For more information about their hours and menu offerings, visit their web site at

UPDATE: January 2021. This Jason’s Deli location has closed due to financial issues during the pandemic-related shutdowns.

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