A Favorite Landscape Photography Subject

A favorite subject in my photography are trees like the one shown here. You may be wondering why, let me explain….

This ongoing fascination with trees is deep rooted (hee, hee!). Seriously though, it certainly helps to have grown up in a family involved in a lumber business that dates back to the 1880s. In fact I was involved in this business for several years before I decided to return to college to pursue my interest in art. That’s a topic for a different day though.

From a visual perspective, I find trees to be one of the most majestic and expressive elements in nature. There’s honestly not a day that goes by (when I’m out and about) where I don’t spot a tree that catches my eye. At times they become almost humanesque to me, in regard to their overall shape and branches that seemingly reach out using different gestures.

The tree in this landscape photograph is one of my favorites in the Twin Cities Metro area. It stands on top of a hill in the middle of the countryside where the highway traffic passes by throughout the day. You can spot this tree from about a quarter mile away while driving up the hill it’s on… then at the last minute the highway veers left and the tree is saved from any collision ;-).

It’s challenging to walk to this tree through because it’s on a two land highway with a very narrow shoulder. In fact, the shoulder isn’t even wide enough to park a car on. The closest parking spot is about three blocks away, but that parking does not get plowed in the winter time, leaving you with about a half mile walk to reach this tree. Very challenging, but I like it because it gives that tree some space to grow.

As you peek thru my online photo gallery at shop.chipjonesstudio.com you’ll find many other photos of trees, or at least where there are trees in the background. I’ve even got a few older paintings where trees are the primary subject. Some artists prefer painting human figures, I really enjoy the creative potential with trees though…