is a showcase of selected photography and other visual work by Edina, Minnesota artist, Chip Jones.

Chip Jones

Many know me for my photography, but few know that I’m actually a formally trained artist who started out painting and drawing.

I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BFA in Studio Art. My concentration was Painting and Drawing. Studies included composition, color theory, form/shape, perspective, art history, etc.

I also hold an MFA in Motion Graphics from CalArts in Valencia, CA. CalArts was an amazing place because it offered an opportunity to explore the arts with a community of other artists who were working in Dance, Theatre, Film, Music and Art.

At CalArts my studies included theatre lighting, animation and filmmaking. My thesis film was an animated short film called “Facade” which combined live action with animated mixed-media elements (photos, drawings, illustrations).

My visual art interests continue to evolve. My current work is mostly based in the digital world where my “studio” is my computer workstation. My tools include my iPad, Wacom tablet and Digital Cameras. I do still sketch on paper though.

I also provide real estate photography services. For more information, please visit