Reflections of Murphy’s Landing

A year ago I did a photograph of an old farm house where the shot was looking into a room, that had a window looking out on the other side. What I realized when shooting was that the window I was looking in, was also acting like a mirror and reflecting the surrounding landscape behind me. It created an interesting shot because what I ended up with was photograph of a landscape with a window juxtaposed in the middle. In essence, the window became a type of time port into a previous day and age, an intriguing thought…

Yesterday I headed out to Murphy’s Landing (now called “The Landing”), an 88 acre heritage park located on the Minnesota River in Shakopee, Minnesota. “The Landing” contains authentic buildings from the 1840sā€“1890s that were originally located in the Lower Minnesota River Valley. It ended up becoming a treasure trove of past and present reflections for my photo shoot.


Above is a shot looking into an old schoolhouse, with the surrounding woods reflected in the window I was shooting through.

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