Recent Photo – “The Conversation”

“The Conversation”
I was going through a few photos I shot earlier this summer and came across one I had overlooked. This was from the evening of the partial lunar eclipse on June 4th. I was out looking for some photo opportunities around the lakes in Minneapolis, but found that I wasn’t in a great location to view the lunar eclipse because of the cloud cover. However, in my travels I came across this silhouetted couple sitting on a beach at Lake Harriet and I hopped out of my car to capture the image. After returning home, I reviewed this image and decided I didn’t like the lighting or how the shot was framed. Today though, I reviewed it and found that I now like several things about this photograph, especially the minimal color. I also found that I liked the particular distance that the couple was sitting from one another because you can’t really tell if they are in a relationship or not. As it turns out, I actually do like this photo very much after some re-cropping. It’s amazing how one’s opinion can change in just a few months.

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