Print Sizes & Formats

My high quality, fine art prints are available in a variety of print sizes and finishes. These prints are perfect for residential or commercial interiors. The following is a listing of the print formats that I currently offer:

Paper Prints

My paper prints are available in the following options:

  • Photo Paper – Standard photo prints are printed on Fujiflex Crystal Archive paper, an ultra-smooth high gloss surface that produces deep, rich tones and colors.
  • Fine Art Paper – 100% cotton, archival quality paper with a smooth texture, sheen-free. A great choice for B&W prints and certain types of color prints that are more graphic art-ish in appearance.

Framed Prints

Framed prints come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They include a paper backing, wire hanger and acrylic glazing to protect the print. Glazing options include:

  • Acrylic – Clear, shatter-resistant and lighter in weight than glass. This Framing Grade acrylic provides up to 97% UV light protection.
  • Glass – Only available by special order. Glass is more expensive, but is scratch resistant and more durable. Please Contact Me for more information.

Acrylic Prints

Acrylic Prints produce a brighter luminescence. They are printed on paper and then face-mounted to plexiglass. Each print is also mounted to a sturdy dibond backing to keep the print flat. Wall mounting options including:

  • Cleat Hangers – An easy, stable way to mount your print to the wall and keep it level without framing.
  • Stainless Posts – Your choice of Large or Small Stainless Posts that allow for mounting directly to a wall without a frame.

Aluminum Metal Prints

Aluminum Metal prints are printed directly onto specially coated aluminum sheets. This produces a magical luminescence. Wall mounting options include the following:

  • Float Mount Hangers – Attached to the back of the print to “float” the print 1/2-inch off the wall when hung, without additional framing.
  • Inset Frames – With Cleat or Wire Hangars. Your choice of Large or Small Stainless Posts that allow for mounting directly to a wall without a frame.
  • Framed – Slim framed options for wall hanging.

Canvas Gallery Wraps

Canvas Gallery Wraps are printed directly on a museum quality canvas material that wraps around the edges to give a finished look without the need for framing. They arrive ‘Ready To Hang’ with a wire hanger and bumpers.

Wall Murals

Wall murals are printed in paper rolls, much like wall paper, and then applied to a smooth wall. This is a perfect solution for large walls in reception areas, front lobbies, offices or home entertainment spaces.

I’ve produced wall murals up to 11 x 23 feet for my corporate clients. Contact Me for more information.

NOTE: Most of my prints are sold in sizes of 40″ or shorter. This is done to offer you the highest print quality and sharpness possible. Larger sizes are available up to 108″ in length but only by special order. For more information please Contact Me.