Jason's Deli Interior
Jason’s Deli in Edina, MN

I provide commissioned art services to residential and commercial clients who are looking for a more personalized fine art installation that is designed specifically to their location or interests.

An example of a project I worked on was the Jason’s Deli restaurant in Edina, Minnesota. The client (Jason’s Deli) wanted to exhibit photographs of subject matter that was unique to their location in Edina.

This project utilized photo prints from my stock photography collection. These photos were imported into Adobe InDesign (for additional layout and design needs) and printed on a special backing.

The final step was to custom frame these pieces so that the prints would be visible on both sides of the final installed piece (ten prints mounted inside five frames).

The client was thrilled and I’ve had a lot of positive feedback on this specific installation over the years.

My commissioned art services include the following:

  • Art Consultation
  • Fine Art Design
  • Print Preparation
  • Custom Framing
  • Art Installation

I’ve done many commissioned art projects throughout the years. If you have a special project that you’d like to discuss, please contact me.